We are recruiting postdocs, PhD students, and undergrads!


We are mainly looking for candidates that aim for an academic career. We will walk you through the process of transitioning from a postdoc to an independent researcher.

We are particularly interested in candidates that have done cell experiments and have PhD training in broadly defined bio-related areas (e.g., biophysics, microbiology, bioengineering etc.). Additional experience in molecular biology will be much welcome.

The project(s) related to this position will be modifying and quantifying the biophysical and physiological properties of bacterial cells using genetics, microscopy, microfluidics, and other multidisciplinary tools to discover quantitative relationships between cellular organization and fitness.

To apply, please contact Fangwei (fsi@cmu.edu) with a CV and contact information of three references.

Ph.D. students:

Currently we are recruiting incoming PhD students via PhD programs in Physics and Biomedical Engineering at CMU as well as 1st-year rotation students in physics and from other departments.

Projects will involve using/developing biophysical tools (microscopy, microfluidics, etc.) to measure the properties and behaviors of bacterial cells, developing programs to analyze large datasets from the experiments, doing simulation and theoretical modeling (via collaborations with other theoretical groups).

For interested students, please directly contact Fangwei (fsi@cmu.edu).

Undergraduate students:

We always welcome undergrads who are very curious about how living systems emerge from non-living matter and who want to get their hands dirty in a wet lab!

Please directly contact Fangwei (fsi@cmu.edu) if you are interested, and we will discuss the possible projects.