Join us to study microlife as a physicist/biologist/engineer at CMU!

Our drive is to discover “biological laws” that can help us understand living systems in a quantitatively precise way. Towards this goal, we develop/adapt tools, do rigorous measurements, and define new concepts. We are currently searching for simple yet fundamental rules connecting the complicated form of bacterial cells and their fitness in different environments. Learn more…


1/6/23 - Gabrielle Illava, who is finishing her PhD at Nozomi Ando's lab at Cornell, will join us for postdoctoral research this summer!

11/3/22 - We welcome our first PhD student, Chris Aldrich, from the Department of Biomedical Engineering to our lab!

11/3/22 - We welcome Jonas Roemer to our lab for the undergraduate research!

8/3/22 - Huijing Wang will soon join us from Pitt as the first postdoc in our lab. Huijing will explore fundamental properties of simple cellular systems using both experimental and computational tools. Welcome!!

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